Little Bricks, Big Nostalgia

Just revisiting and refreshing a favourite old post today, since my 6 YO has fallen deeply back in love with the little bricks.


Lego. A timeless crowd-pleaser.

Who doesn’t recall endless hours of building formless ‘stuff’ with a bucket of plastic bricks which were all the same size and shape, when they were a kid? But oh my, how far we have come since then.

These days, Lego comes in so many forms that it’s hard to keep up. Animals, aircraft, Clones, AND video games.. In my school days, if you wanted a little lady to sit on (never IN) your boxy 70’s Lego car, then you had to make one (square and flat-chested of course) from big clumsy bricks, OR you rolled out some plasticine and got busy that way. It was all about the imagination.

family stories

The uber-concentrated (coffee-stained) face of the lad in this 60’s Lego set reminds me of my big brother. His tongue would show a tiny sliver of pink at the corner of his mouth as he manoeuvered his Matchbox cars into the Lego garage set. Crash. Swear. Stomp. Start over.

family stories

If you could make the darned stuff look like this, you were some kind of kid prodigy.

And yet who doesn’t remember it as the defining toy of their generation? Clever, clever little brick makers.

Today, Lego is taking over the world. No, seriously, we’re just a couple of opposable thumbs away from being invaded by a brightly coloured plastic Revolutionary Army. Remember Planet of the Apes? Just sayin’….

There is little that can keep my two boys entertained (and NOT tearing each others’ throats out) for several hours at a time, but a few bits of Lego and a disturbingly powerful imagination, and Voila!

family stories lego project2

Oh, to be a child of the nouveau Lego generation.

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