Me and Mine, November family portrait


Dark, cold and a bit miserable.

New thyroid medication (for life)

another sports injury

a spot of DIY

a lot of PTA

the completion of an adoption assessment

and a LOT of questions about the number of days ’til Christmas. Like water-boarding for the ears.

This month we have gone all Bohemian Rhapsody on you.

family stories

family stories

Pictures taken in the new shed doorway, and I have not decapitated my youngest. Yet.

Hello darkness, my old friend….. 

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20 responses to “Me and Mine, November family portrait

  1. Hahaha! These are amazing. What’s not to love about a bohemian rhapsody themed photo?!?!
    Sounds like a busy one this month. Are you guys adopting? How exciting. x

    • Yes! It is exciting. Also terrifying, worrying, etc. etc. Probably won’t even be able to share photos of our new family members either…too sad.

  2. Oh these are so funny – I love your expressions! It sounds like your month has been crazy busy, hopefully it gets a little calmer in the run up to Christmas.

    • Well, there’s a long story…..! We have always felt sort of ‘incomplete’ and felt that as we’re getting too old for childbirth, we could and should do something good to help a child/children who needs a loving home

    • He’s a monkey. Off to Panel after Xmas for our adoption approval (hopefully)…then to try and reconcile blogging, photography and protecting the identities of adoptive children. Not an easy issue…

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