Christmas Commercials (‘Life’s a Journey’ nostalgia series, week 85)

This post is (a bit late this week and)  part of a series of weekly posts which reflect on life’s journey, old memories and family stories (see below for more info).


The new John Lewis Christmas ad has already seen almost 10 million views on YouTube.

My children believe everything they see on TV.  If the plastic action hero ‘flies’ on his motorcycle across a mountainous backdrop on TV, then surely it will come in a box which includes said mountain range, a flying motorcycle, and will take to the air without the aid of a small child’s hand. No?

Did I fall for this crap when I was a kid? Probably.

At this time of year we are drowned in Christmas commercials. Billboards (albeit not made of paper any more), TV, radio and magazines brainwash us with their messages of commerce, and the children suck it all up until, by the time December actually arrives, they are riding the frenzied wave of a sugar-rush of excitement.

THIS is how I remember Christmas TV ads. Harvey’s Bristol Cream, a bit of Richard Briers and THIS.

Woolworths was always the object of my attention for spending hard-earned pocket money, and I was lured there by the promise of sating my entire family’s needs under one roof. I would spoil my brother with some Hi Karate aftershave, get an LP for £1.99 and even eat my own weight in Quality Street for a fiver. Come on! What’s not to like?

Can you imagine how thrilled this lady was on Christmas morning? Lucky gal eh?

family stori

It seems to me that we have lost the subtlety of years past (also sexism thankfully), but gained sophistication. And yet, in spite of all the technological bombardment, the frozen party food and the unobtainable Lego chateaus-in-the- sky, it is still the old, warm stories which most touch our hearts at Christmas time. This has to be one of them.

What are your memories of those TV ads that drew you in each year?

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