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This promises to be a BIG year for us in the sibling department, one way or another. We already have pretty much every permutation of ‘siblingness’ in the family that you can imagine. Not content with that, we are keen to add ‘adopted’ to the list of combinations, and 2014 will be the year that it happens.

The adoption of siblings, the integration of siblings with siblings, and the journey of our children as 6 step/half/blood/adopted siblings become one family unit, is sure to be an interesting one.

This picture was taken at the moment we told the children we’re off to the USA for a major pre-adoption family treat, and our probable last holiday for some time. Seems like a good place to start this new Linky theme, and I will fumble with the dilemma of how to handle the rest of the year over time. Sharing images of adopted children who have a need to protect their identities is not a straightforward issue, so much contemplation will be required in order to reconcile a life of blogging and photography with a need for pixelated faces. Creative advice most definitely welcomed!

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14 responses to “Siblings

  1. The boys look so excited in that photo. What a fab thing to do as a last holiday as a foursome. It definitely sounds like you have a very exciting year coming on the sibling front. Wow, good luck with it all. And as for how you photograph your new extended brood, I’m sure your creativity will shine though and you’ll do something fab. x

    • Thanks Lucy, what lovely wishes. The idea of blogging about only part of the family is awful – inequality sucks, but some things such as safety will be more important of course. Looking forward to joining the new linky, even if it’s just the two middle boys!

  2. What a great photo and an time ahead! Photo wise, maybe capturing not face on, from behind, involved in an activity where the face can’t be seen could work nicely – some of the bets photos of mine I have you can’t see their faces :) x

  3. oh wow, good luck with the adoption I hope it all goes well. It’s the first time I’ve come across your blog, coming over from the linky and I’m sure I will check back to see how you get on.

  4. Sounds like you have a big year ahead of you! :)

    Maybe pics of the kids from behind could work? Like walking down a path or looking over a railing etc.

    • I think that may well be the way forward. It’s a tough one though, not wanting to give up the blogging, but being secure and appropriate.

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