New stuff

Man, does my boy love Lego.

Santa went all out on the stuff for Christmas, and with so many new things to build there has been a relentless and futile effort on my part to free the kitchen table of Lego kittage.
family stories

There is a birthday just around the corner, and no sign of a let-up in the building frenzy that engulfs us. Long may it continue – the X-Box has remained untouched for weeks.

14 responses to “New stuff

  1. I remember too well the Lego years. Thing is, we still have so much of it boxed away. I’m hanging onto it but the specific models are now all muddled up: I don’t know how anyone else would know where to start reconstructing them again.

    • Actually, my teen had the same issue, but I knew I wouldn’t have thrown away the parts, so we went on a mission last Xmas to reconstruct one of his big old ships. Few missing pieces and downloaded instructions later, (and several hours of piece sorting!) and BINGO!!!! If he breaks it, I’ll have to kill him!

  2. Trying again. We love LEGO, and Isabelle got some from santa too, just struggling with finding time when we can do it togetehr as her baby sister loves to destroy her creations ;( By the way, a great shot!

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