A child’s perspective

family stories

My eldest son is growing up. His parents are divorced and families, he is learning, can be complicated, but none the less amazing.

When he was 9 years old I found this scrap of paper in his bedroom. This is his family, from his perspective. There is mummy’s half and there is daddy’s half. The two are separate and there is a clear line drawn down the middle of his heart. Wow.

I kept the piece of paper. I can recall thinking, “is it something heartbreaking, or is it something beautiful?” I still don’t know the answer so I shall keep it until I do.

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23 responses to “A child’s perspective

  1. You could take it though that he is/was a budding (genetic) genealogist and was busy sorting out ‘who’s who’ in the family and how they are connected. I see “Canadian cousins” there. Cool!

    • Cheers Tara. I am a bit of a squirrel. Maybe the guilt of divorce has prompted me to hang on to things that others might let go….time to stop reading too much in to things perhaps?! He is 5 ft 10 now!

  2. Pancake? a pet? if it was really pancakes I think it would be very funny! It is part beautiful and part sad. Yes the line is a little ‘gulp’ from a mum’s view but how fantastic that every one is there with a place in his life. Ohana.

  3. I would have had a similar picture at that age. Whilst I was upset that my mum and dad were not together, I had more people in my life than before and I enjoyed that.

  4. That is beautiful. I think it’s him making sense of his world and there’s nothing negative about it – especially as it’s all centred around a heart.

  5. Thatäs beautiful. I see a child who is working out who he is, where he fits in in the world, but also has lots of people and pets around him that matter to him and love him.

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