That first flush of love, 50’s style

My dad is always giving me things. Boxes of junk, gadgets and family memorabilia.

It goes without saying that the latter is always the most precious to me.

dads photo frame 1953

He recently passed on a very old photo frame from the early 1950s. He told me it had been by his side as a permanent companion during the two years of his National Service.

Here is what he had filled it with. My Mum, then aged 18 and just beautiful.

family stories

On the back my Mum has written messages of love, and dad has meticulously dated them.

family stories

family stories

They were rarely apart for the next 53 years until her death, and I hope that he never lost that first flush of love which cuts through this flimsy bit of plastic like a knife through butter.

28 responses to “That first flush of love, 50’s style

  1. Beautiful! There is something to be said for true love. My parents will have been married for 45 years next month (together for 48) and my Dad says that whenever he sees Mum across a crowded room he still gets butterflies.

  2. How beautiful. This really does bring a tear to the eye and reminds me of my Grandparents who are in their 73rd year together!

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