Lego Party

Ollie turned seven last week, and I thought I’d go for a ‘cheap as chips’ Retro approach to partying this year.

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His obsession is Lego, so what better way to spend a couple of hours hanging with your buddies than building stuff?

We had a good old fashioned party tea…sausage rolls and cheesy Wotsits, you know the drill. Cost £3 tops.

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Party games & entertainment. Cost £0.

family stories

Birthday cake. The smart money would have trotted to Sainsbury’s and bought a bloody caterpillar, but Mrs Bite-Off-More-Than-You-Can-Chew fancied herself as a bit of a cake wrangler. Cost approx. £10 in ingredients, £3 on a fancy sparkler candle and several hours of my life that I’ll never get back. Ahem, no jokes please.

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Party bags and contents – we really splashed out here since we’d spent absolutely nothing on everything else. Each boy got a Lego Hero Factory pack, sweets, cake and a couple of bits and bobs. A bit of craftiness to embellish the bags and Bob was our Uncle. Cost approx. £35.

family stories

So, Ollie had a unique party and 5 boys had the time of their lives for less than £50. I am chalking that one up as a success.

family stories

How much is laser shooting?

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