It’s been two years to the day since I set out to bring a little nostalgia into the world.

This Blog was intended to be more than just a record of family life; I wanted to encourage people who fell across it to think long and hard about their memories, and to make a deliberate effort to capture their past and the family stories of which they are custodians, as a legacy for their children.

family stories

I have never had plans for world domination in terms of reader numbers or awards (just as well eh?!), but rather a compulsion to lay out my own family and childhood memories, whether that was in the form of laugh-out-loud retrospectives of forgotten decades, tales of relatives who are no longer with us, or by recording the development of my boys from babies to men.

So, here are a selection of the ‘memories of my memories’ (if you get my meaning), from the journey so far.

Discovering the astonishing story of Uncle Joe’s letters from WWII, and serialising them.

family stories

Remembering when life was more simple…all shoulder pads and Kajagoogoo

family stories

Capturing the births….

family stories

…the birthdays….

family stories

…..the holidays…..

me and neil on dunes at newport sands c1972 cropped

and taking stock of how much those kids have grown…!

family stories

Capturing a love story through a family heirloom.

family stories

And celebrating the joy of our furry friends. After all, they’re family too!

dogs2 copyright

We’ve had days out

family stories

family history….

Lily and Thomas

…and some tense photography moments.brit 12

It’s been a blast. Happy birthday to me!

10 responses to “Blogoversary

  1. Happy blogoversary to you! I love your blog for all the reasons you’ve mentioned, but them I’m obsessed with saving memories too… Hope you have another brilliant blog year and capture many more memories. x

  2. Aw yay! Happy Blog Birthday to you! It’s a wonderful thing preserving and documenting the memories. I am so unbelievably glad I decided to start mine- it’s one of the best things I have ever done. x

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