Me & Mine 2014; March

March came and went ruthlessly.
family stories
We shook off the jetlag and went back to school.
We got back in the home renovations saddle, and spent much of the month with paint in our hair.
We tried hard not to think endlessly about the potential newcomers to our family unit. We’re still trying, and waiting.
g and d
The kissing drought which has taken grip in recent weeks finally ended on Mother’s Day. Thank goodness.
The trees have buds, and the evenings have light.
dear beautiful

14 responses to “Me & Mine 2014; March

  1. Love the black and white portraits this month, very arty! And love that the kissing drought has finished- that doesn’t sound like something I would like very much. ;)

  2. Oh what gorgeous photos – so lovely in black and white! It sounds like you had a crazy busy month so here’s to a calmer April!

    • I know! It’s terrible when the hugs just won’t come…I think I actually had withdrawal symptoms! Make the most of those toddler years, Lucy!

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