Easter, without the resurrection

A bittersweet time of year in my house.


School is awash with colour (predominantly yellow, to be fair).

The children hunt for eggs and share their spoils, most of which are furtively consumed before breakfast.

egg hunt

Like a pseudo Hansel and Grete, they create a brightly coloured trail of silver foil wrappings for me to retrieve and dispose of.

The school children make their bonnets and parade them for mums and dads.


But it also marks the time of year when the two greatest women in the world passed away.

Lil, my nan was truly magnificent, as was her endless scrubbing of the kitchen lino. Easter Sunday marks the anniversary of her loss.

lovely Lil just as I remember her

And her youngest daughter, Jean. My mum. As if complying with a long held appointment, 8 years ago this week she went off to join Lil. I can’t think of a better place to go.

I don’t feel sadness today; there are no tears. Grief does not necessarily sail in to shore on birthdays or anniversaries.

me and mum early 80s

Mercifully, there have been no ‘second comings’. That kind of thing can put the willies right up a person. I have placed a large bunch of flowers on the kitchen table in their memory, and each time I pass it draws my eye and elicits a little smile.

The birds are singing like crazy today. Happy Easter girls.

10 responses to “Easter, without the resurrection

  1. Read your post this morning and felt compelled to say something about those two lovely ladies in the photo. What a fabulous picture: wonder what your mum was thinking?
    So sorry you have lost two special people in your life but pleased you have happy thoughts today.
    I’m still reading Joe’s letters. Any more thoughts about trying to get them published? They really are an amazing collection.

    • Thanks so much Trish for the lovely words. Joe’s letters are still a work in progress…I’m attempting to write a book in between working, mummying and adopting! As you can imagine, it’s a bit slow!! I owe it to Joe to get it done though…..

    • Ta indeed, lovely. It was a great and peaceful Easter, and they were indeed phenomenal ladies. I hope I can do them justice with my meagre life!!!

  2. Funny how things happen like that isn’t it? I lost both my Grandmas on April 23rd but 7 years apart, what are the chances?
    This is a lovely tribute to your Mum and Nan and nice that you can look back at this time and enjoy happy memories

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