It’s my birthday week.

The older my face gets, the more like my mother’s it becomes.

family stories

Me, right. Mum, left


There are worse things that might happen, I suppose. Like Velcro shoes.

velcro shoes

I wonder whether my wee one can see it yet?

family stories

Me, right (aged 4); Ollie, left (aged 4)

20 responses to “Faces

  1. I love family likenesses! I also love how interesting it is when you spend ages thinking how much someone looks like someone in particular and then you see a photo of someone else from the family and wow! My brother’s little boy – for ages I kept saying how much like my Dad he looked, then I saw a photo of my sister in law as a toddler and they look exactly alike. So weird!

    • Families fascinate me. I always thought my wee boy looked like his daddy until I saw that pic of me at the same age (says a lot that I looked like a boy!!)

  2. Great photos and the family likeness is incredible! Will have to do this with my children’s photos as they look a lot like me (poor things!). #TheGallery

  3. What a fantastic idea for a post. Amazing how similar you all look! I want to try this now. I know my eldest son looks just like I looked at his age!

  4. Wow, that’s amazing how similar you all look. What a fab interpretation of the theme too :) #thegallery

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