Having a Ball

I am the Chair of my son’s Primary School PTA. We work our butts off in our spare time to fundraise for the extras things which our little darlings might benefit from. We average around £15000 of supplementary income which the school rapidly spends on equipment and ideas to help diversify their education.

In between the mandatory Summer & Christmas Fayres each year, there are Movie Nights, Quizes, Sponsored Tour de France cycle rides, Circuses, Bun Days and second hand uniform sales. Frankly, I’m exhausted just writing it.

So, once a year the grown-ups let their hair down at the annual PTA Ball. This was that weekend.family storiesThere is always wine (and more than a smattering of taffeta), a disco and a generous raffle; but this weekend there was a new game in town. The Photo Booth. Four pictures, a suitcase of props and a nano-second between shots to change, ready for the next flash.

The disco was forgotten, as was the cheesecake (I know!) and a queue formed as people rotated through the doors of the oh-so-hot ‘cubby hole with a camera’.

Booth Revolution-62

The parents with whom I shared this evening are passionate about their children, and dig deep and frequently to support us as a PTA. Don’t they deserve a little R&R now and again? Along with some slightly surreal photographic mementos to mark the occasion?

The Photo Booth is quite literally the best 30 seconds of fun you can have with your clothes on. Even if the horse’s head ruins your hair.

Booth Revolution-18

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