The very best time to capture the real essence of your children  can be in those moments when they are truly at their worst.

Granted, we don’t always think about photography when they are the middle of a hissy fit, but when we do….

family storiesTired, tattoed and tantrummy, that’s my Ollie.

I love that this shot tells a story about who he is and how unfair it all seems when you’re seven.

25 responses to “Sulking

  1. I have often wanted to photograph my child when she is in one of her almighty moods but I reckon me getting the camera out would tip her over the edge! Great moment you’ve captured here.

  2. That expression is so familiar to me! Looks exactly the same as my younger son when he’s sulking. I’ve never dared take a pic of them sulking, I think it would tip them over the edge!

  3. Brilliant photo in every way! Sometimes I threaten to post a picture of my daughter in a sulk, usually snaps her out of it pretty quickly! :-)

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