Devil in the detail

I have no idea why I photograph some of the things I do, but there are just moments occasionally, usually when on holiday, that I see an object which is just so quintessentially characteristic of that time and place, that I have to capture it on film. For some reason they are often (but not exclusively) door-related.

These two say ‘Corsica’ to me.


lock corsica

┬áThese, Brittany (or at least ‘France’).


brit 2

 This is a detail of the door from the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

sagrada familia door

And this? Well, this is a bucket of crabs that we watched come of a trawler in Wales! I did say ‘not exclusively’ door-related…..



Photographic memories that conjure a place in time without words.

14 responses to “Devil in the detail

  1. These are great photos – the type of things I love looking at but never seem to notice when I have my camera with me. I really must take more time to stop and look.

  2. I have many a photo of an old key hole or random corner of a stone which someone wouldn’t glance twice at but when you see them in a photo you realize how amazing they look. Love simple things like this. Fantastic photographs

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