Putting the Fun into Fundraising

We are hugely lucky to have an active PTA at our local primary school, and a community of families who are, on the whole, eager to spend their money and join in.

It’s Summer Fayre (or Fair) time (depending on your way of thinking), and the gazebos were out in force yesterday for the event.

family stories

What I love most about these occasions is that they will be firmly implanted memories of childhood for my kids. The memory will never leave them, because it is a ritual as often repeated as the summer holidays themselves.

how do I look

The weather usually plays fair with us for this event, enabling the Pimms tent, strawberries, giant water-slide and ice cream sales to take serious financial advantage.


Giant inflatables, motorcycle and side car rides, hot dogs and LOTs of stalls designed and run by the older kids add variety.

Maypole dancers, a DJ, Police fingerprinting and martial arts exhibitions just glaze the cherry which we plant on the top.

allo allo

This year was a double-whammy as we combined the Fayre with our Tour de France Yorkshire commemorative sponsored cycle ride. Over 45 mums, dads and kids took to our 21 mile route around the hills (!) of North Yorkshire. The Headmistress even saddled up on a tandem and joined in. There was many a proud parent and many a sore bum by the end of the afternoon.


What are you doing this summer? I’d love to hear about your similar events!

can you ride 'tandem

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