Me & Mine 2014; June

No sooner have we hailed the arrival of June, than it is over.
This was a busy month, with school activities running in top gear and our garden renovations also peaking.
It is hardly fathomable that only three weeks of the school year remain.
Three weeks for my 7 year old to find new faces with which to sabotage every family photo.
family stories
There has been much basketball this month, following the installation of the teen’s hoop.
he shoots he scores
I got a knee trembling light aircraft ride and the best day of my year was spent with WWII veterans at the annual aircrew reunion.
There was a charity netball tournament, raising funds for the cancer charity which is helping one of our team members with her personal battle.
I want to stop the clock for a few weeks.
The weather is warm, and the summer is already moving too quickly.
pergola pic
dear beautiful

8 responses to “Me & Mine 2014; June

  1. Hahaha, is it wrong that I actually think it makes the photo that your 7 year old is trying so hard to ruin it? I know I won’t be laughing when it’s my kids and my photos, but it’s just….. so kids! x

  2. You are right, creative faces! ;) Lovely photos all the same and fab top you are wearing, you look great in it. xx
    PS: Yes, it would be brilliant if we could manage to go to the same conference at the same time!!

  3. I love your photos always, your family looks so much fun and your boys handfuls in a very good way! x

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