C’est God’s Own Country, n’est ce pas?

What I love about living in North Yorkshire is how incredibly fortunate we are to live just a few steps away from this. God’s Own Country.

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This was the weekend when Yorkshire showed her petticoats to the world. As ‘Le Tour’ passed through our back yards and the Royals and the Red Arrows graced our local stately home of Harewood House, I realised that Yorkshire was batting her magnificent eye lashes to the media.

Picture by Shaun Flannery/SWpix.com

Picture by Shaun Flannery/SWpix.com

Yes, my love, you are truly beautiful.

It’s fair to say that our dogs are equally enamoured of the rolling hills which surround us here, especially when the Zorbers are out on one of our regular walks. Very good fun to chase.


And since Yorkshire was swathed in yellow this weekend, it would seem rude not to join in. Not necessarily willingly.



14 responses to “C’est God’s Own Country, n’est ce pas?

  1. I was so impressed with Yorkshire over the week-end. She certainly showed those Frenchies how to support an event. I live in Bristol but have to regularly have some of that medicine that only Yorkshire can provide! Thanks for some great shots!

  2. I so believe that this is a marvelous place! Thanks for sharing photos. It is a bit far from where I am so I dont think I can ever go there. Your photos are the next best thing =) #TheGallery

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