Me & Mine 2014; July

July began and ended with hot sunshine.
But underneath the sunny skies a tiny cloud has followed me around, and lingers still. My 79 year old dad underwent complex vascular surgery on 8th July which almost took him from us. Aside from the difficulty of living a 3 hour drive away, I have found myself in the strange position these past few weeks of being the responsible adult. My mum is gone, my aunt is infirm and my brother was on a well-needed holiday in the Outer Hebrides. It all seemed so wrong. He is my parent. He takes care of me. Maybe not any more.
I won’t bore you with the details, but although dad has most certainly progressed, we are still regular visitors to the Intensive Care Unit in Birmingham, where he is engaged in the fight of his life to get well.
me and mine july
 They say that for every dark sky there is a rainbow. So, we’re standing underneath our sunflowers to brighten up the mood.
 We also tried a ‘selfie’ at Ripley Castle with the remote control this week.
selfie 1
We all got a little carried away.
Two days ago we agreed an adoption ‘match’ with a little boy and his baby sister. Our brood of 4 is soon to be 6 and our bedrooms and hearts will be full. Pitiful beginnings of neglect, criminality and chaos which can never be exponged, are soon to be anaesthetised by our normalness.
Dad really needs to stick around for August, September and October.
dear beautiful

8 responses to “Me & Mine 2014; July

  1. Wow Helen, what a month you’ve had. I hope your Dad is starting to recover. It must be so hard trying to run the family home and be there for him. Amazing news about the 2 new bundles of joy who are joining your family. Hope to see you soon Katie (occasional visitor to Strong Mums ha) xxx Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2014 07:52:02 +0000 To:

  2. My goodness what a month – I hope your Dad continues to do well and the news of the two little ones is wonderful for all of you!

  3. Sorry to hear about your Dad, I hope he continues to do well. Your Ripley castle photos are brilliant, I especially love the last one. #meandmine

  4. Oh Helen, I’m so sorry to hear that your dad has been, and still is, so poorly, how worrying for you all. But then the exciting news of two new little people joining your family. What an up and down kind of month it’s been. Sending lots of love.
    And I love the photo of the four of you, I think it reflects some of the strain that you’ve been under, but also shows the importance of family being together in tougher times. x

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